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Why Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain in the ipl

Why Rohit Sharma is a Better Captaining in the ipl let's analyse that by looking at a row at Sharma on sports India info well Rohit Sharma to me is the best captain in ipl history he's got four titles out of seven attempts now what sets him apart from the rest well he's not overawed by the situation let's go back there to 2013.

Ricky Ponting was captaining out that time they had three wins and three losses Ricky planning's form wasn't that good, so they decided to drop Ricky Ponting and make Rohit Sharma captain they won the next three games and for the rest of the season they only lost three more games they went on to win that title.

So it showed me that he wasn't over ruled by any situation then we go back to when he was a junior he comes from the humble background it was a tough road for him to get where it was, so he respects the game he respects the stakeholders he respects his players and opposition players which is a big plus for a captain he's calm collect you don't see his body language change out in the middle whether they're in front or behind the game, yes the emotions will be going through his mind there'll be frustration there, but he'd be very careful not to show that to the other players in his team because it just has a domino effect and once they see the leader losing it well the rest of the players will lose it as well he's a meticulous planner he makes sure he gets the right match ups for the opposition teams, so I just love that about him.

The other thing I love about him he backs his players especially as a bowler if a bowler's not having a good night he'll over and calm the player down and try and get him in a good frame of mind to execute the next delivery that the player wants, but he'll make sure that the player is still bowling to his game plan and backing it because there's no better feeling than having a captain that is right behind you and backs your plans and backs your skills than we go to him as a player and a captain let's just look at his record here there's no difference in it,

so he keeps his ego in check and uh if we're going through the stats here as well there's one other thing that I love about Rohit Sharma as a good leader he's a team player he's willing to sacrifice his favourite position out number one and go down and bat at number four if there's another player that they've got to get into the team for the balance of the team and that player can only open the batting so you don't get that from too many leaders good sacrificial lamb there,

and he takes the responsibility on himself to do the harder role and uh finally let's just look out a list of performances of captains in the ipl we've got uh Steve smith at the top of the order I didn't want to throw that in because he's Australian but remember he's a player's captain less than 40 games then you've got ms Dhoni who's got a fantastic record, Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma out four but that four titles in seven attempts make him for me the best captain in ipl cricket, but then we look out the list virat kohli down the bottom there,

but we'll just go back up and who's he playing against tonight dhili capitals and Shreya's iYer he's got a very good records captain as well so it's a young buck against the old-timer tonight I think Rohit Sharma is going to have success Mumbai Indians are going to win tonight just but it's going to be a good game so for me Rohit Sharma is the best captain going around because of everything that I said there what's your opinion get down there and make your comments and why don't you go out and get your mates onboard and get them to subscribe to sports India info we're having a good time it's a good ipl and I'll see you later have a good evening.

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