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Which is the best Nylon Plastic shuttlecock for Badminton?

HI, this article is going to be about nylon shuttles cock or plastics as I like to call that plastics are used all over the country and used a lot in the region due to their durability and value for money, you can play for a long time with plastics that you don't. You might not have to replace them as often as feathers, you might not get the same kind of play as with feathers, but for a lot of people plastic is what they play with, and with so many different types on the market, I thought I would give you a look at each of all that sell it in the quiet raccoon clubs and some that are coming in the future to see which ones will be the best for your game than the one I have in my hand here is the yonex Mavis 300 this is our the most popular, strong and durable we are also going to take a look at the slightly new version of the brands yonyx, mm which have been out for quite some time now more recently onyx maybe on 600 which has a new rib design try it out then we also have the best plastic shuttle from Victor, the platen 3000, a sure way to create a very interesting concept in plastic that is lighter like a feather and we were also lucky to have received a sample carbon tube, Victor, from the shuttles trying to make a synthetic. feather ok we are finally going with the six different types of plastics that we had and well there is a very big difference between them, so I thought we would explain this now and three of them didn't do it quite as we

l as some of the others  there is the victor 3000 board and how here it is a bit slow to my taste not as good as some of the others so I will just throw it away now i mean if you want something durable for training for juniors I think this is ideal but not for you know how to play tournament or league or in Club, I always think that it is  then there will be maybe 300 now

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this is a best-selling chocolate club, the calm is used a lot in the area, it is solid, it is reliable, it is easy for everyone to use, you know, it is relatively durable, you know, it is a good all-rounder but again this test didn't work well in the deep tree, there are better plastic shows than this now I think for you well yes I think it is what you said, it hit quite a long time maybe a little softer on the head than some of the other shuttles that got stopped too much and a lot of them weren't sure so we're getting rid of this one too  very good so Mavis was next in line ok i feel pretty similar to MEMS 300 it's better i think it's more stable in flight and a bit more durable and we haven't tested it for destruction simply because we knew you the best ba ncs to test and you hardly know one m uh quality wouldn't be my choice yeah i think the shots you get a little more feel than 300 i prefer stable to fly flies well all around and good kind of similar r option for the 300 nothing yeah light not the 300 but but nothing special  at the moment so now in the three trips we thought were the best, the first like the Mavis 600 is the new shuttle in the onyx newsplastic and it just seems to fly a lot more like a feather to me, you get a better response and so you have a better feeling of it you can do more pictures with maybe the 300mm just i think it's just a step forward in the tech yeah definitely i think that comes in , I had a lot more feel than that, a lot more racket response than I preferred I think the two instruments we said today that you use the Mavis 300 at that time as beautiful couple people are, i think would be nice to invest in a six hundred tubamaybe they won't know they won't wow you with the difference, but i think you will like to play with them especially if you they play with others sometimes play with plastics i think the 600 is a good and a good stepping stone for you  ok then we have the ash bird - now we have played with that one to stop for a long time it's interesting that there are different colors on it and when it comes to the net in front of you you can see that dark plastic ring here and also what catches your eye when it's on the way to you is the spicy you can see it spinning like it's coming towards you and it's a good shot it looks like a plastic but you know the wrong way towards a feather what do the youth think yeah i start with i found the button slightly off but then you got used to it i think pretty fast and i think in terms of how it hits yes it's a plastic but i think you can do a little more than n ' any of those we talked about juice that now so possibly step towards that yeah it has a nice predictable flight path and you know what's going to happen n with that after awhile it just starts to spin a bit but I think you know that 'is pretty durable and they do cost a little more than say they can be 600 and stuff like that but you know again it's worth a try and they' read a bit faster in terms of flights so just take that into account, we have an average speed here with the average speed with all other hells but it flies a bit further but yet an interesting concept that I would recommend a few people to give this a try if you don't have it not

already right now, so we come to what I think is the most interesting of the coals we tested today. The Victor carbon sonic is very different from the other five shuttles we have tried, it's more feather than the bird at the stiffness of it and the way you hit it is different, you can hit it a little further and it rewards you, I don't think people who are used to plastics will appreciate it as much as you have to hit it like a rain to get the best and but i think people who play with feathers will be looking forward to like it as an alternative ok i dont know what price it will cost but i will say it's probably going to be cheaper than using feathers yeah i think it's probably someone who plays both feather and plastic is the best way to hit definitely when you were near the net is a lot more responsive and feather-like than any of the plastics we've tried and I love that you're really clean And yes you get a good crackling sound when it hits it it's followed by a bit odd do lf thumb that you know you get used to it goes quite a long way thats pretty quick moment of a sample i got from Victor but they are faster than any other shows we have tested today and so if you are the kind of club that uses seventy-seven or slow feathers then you might not want to think about it just yet. until we got a bit more info we hit that pretty well, it started to get a little warped pretty well, but basically, all you can see is just these little pieces of styrofoam at the end that start to go away it didn't affect the theft all and we gave it a really good wallop so you know a good choice for everyone I think these will be releasing in the UK in March 2019, so try them out when you can.

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