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The review of extermination(PS2)

In this week's review, we're going to take a look at horror extermination a survival video game developed by deep space published by Sony computer entertainment and released on the PS2 in June 2001.

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Now let's move on to the review extermination kicks off with a group of special force marines taking a plane ride over to the South Pole as they are responding to a son from a top-secret research facility you take control of Dennis Riley a fresh-faced member of the marines who parachutes in alongside his team mater to discover just what's going on initially the place looks deserted with facilities powered down and not a person in sight but it isn't long before things take a wrong turn your friend seems to get infected by some mysterious virus and suddenly Dennis is now involved in saving the world from potential extinction know that might seem like I'm over simplifying the real video game straight forward I suppose what you want is whether the story is interesting and I'd have to say for a game in 2001 it's perfectly acceptable the delivery of the dialogue is something I'll cover later however

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The review of extermination(PS2)#sports_india_info

if you're looking for a short sum-up of what to expect from this narrative I would say that it seemed like somebody played Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid and really liked those games I had no choice you were next extermination is one of the trickiest games I've ever had to talk about because its game play could be considered both good and bad depending on your perspective the objective of my article is to inform you if a game has held up and it's still worth picking up today but for this video game,

it does depend on what you are after it is a survival horror game from 2001 in every sense of the word and it isn't just similar to Resident Evil in terms of a story either it's got everything you'd expect from working your way through a facility in search of items to unlock doors the occasional back tracking combat with infected humans and creatures with somewhat limited resources and even a safe system in which you can only use when you have enough power in your portable battery there are some additions that it has over Resident Evil such

As a bit of plat forming here and there you can climb over objects jump gaps and shimmy across ledge sit also has weapon customization as you can fit your assault rifle with different scopes a torch secondary fire options and more the most notable difference is the game's infection rate you have two health bars one which depletes as you take hits and another which rises every time you take a hit from someone infected if your infection rate reaches 100 percent your health bar is massively knocked down and you slowly start to lose your remaining health sort of like if you had been poisoned you can use health items to fight off the infection and there are stations in the video game that will 100 cure you but the infection rate is an interesting mechanic to throw into a game like this as it does create some scenarios in which it's best to just run rather than take the risk against the enemies when coming up against any one of these infected monsters again it is a survival horror video game from 2001 which means not feeling very mobile in combat although it does have an auto-aim feature that helps quite a lot even if it doesn't work 100 of the time I cannot stress enough just how much extermination is a product of its time so much so that all of my complaints can sort of be written off by just saying well that ‘show games were made back then by today's standards the movement is stiff the aiming is imprecise the plat forming is awkward the menus are poor and the pacing of the experience is dreadfully slow at the same time I actually played

This game once shortly after its release and I don't remember having any problems with it at all other than my 11-year-old self occasionally getting confused on what I needed to do next so in the context of how I run this website which is looking at how game shave held up it's really a hard game to recommend unless you're into this kind of thing but if you are then this is a hidden gem that you missed back in early 2000 another way in which I have conflicting opinions on this title is how it looks because in terms of its design and creative angle it is incredibly bland generic and boring with almost no flavor to it at all but from a technical angle I do think the game is rendered quite well and looks sharp even if it also looks uninspired I never noticed any drops in the frame rate nothing stood out to me as unpolished and overall I don't think I saw many technical hiccups unless you are counting the slow loading times of when the screen fades to black and pulls up the inventory menu every single time you pick up any item the uninspired design trend continues with the sound design, for the most part,

the sound effects are okay but the soundtrack itself is the definition of royalty-free what also harms the experience is the performances of the voice actors now I know things back in 2001 weren't exactly outstanding in this department but the line delivery here reaches levels of bad that it comes back around to being enjoyable I haven't been able to contact you ever since that day Dennis your being here is just a coincidence well whatever I don't have anything left to say to you just leave me alone extermination video game is a fantastic example of how games were made back in this period so in ways that do increase its value in my opinion because it captures the vibe of this era of video gaming more than almost any other game I ''very played at home it hasn't aged well and unless you're a huge fan of the genre and the old school feel or very curious

About some deep cuts from this generation you're probably best leaving this video game alone genuinely can't think of how I can give this game anything higher or lower than a three out of five because for 2001,

it was more than solid but time has also been very unkind to it and while that middling score may not be useful to your purchase decision hope this article gives you enough context to make up your mind,

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