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IPL vs PSL - which is the BEST T20 League?

PSL or IPL let’s talk about that on sports India info I'm N Abhishek Ipl first.

The three advantages of Ipl:

Number one: the top order make the majority of the runs they're very conservative in the power play they hardly lose any wickets there and if you look at the t20 international team of India that's the way they play.

Number two: spinners do the bulk of the damage in the bowling department they create the pressure and get the wickets.

And number three: Home & amp; Away from the fixed ring, there's an even component of or so the number of games four per team to play away as well as home so you can create a fortress on your home soil.

one disadvantage of lPL:

in doing that it lengthens the tournament it goes for over two months and that middle period can get a little tedious.

Now let's go over to the PSL:

The advantages there well firstly the top order they lose a lot more wickets in the power play but what that does create pressure on the middle order and the middle order has stood up during the PSL that's where the bulk of the runs have been made and if you look at Pakistan that number one in the world in t20 cricket the reason being is that they've got a long batting order.

Number two: in the bowling department its pace that is the strength the pace does the damage and that has a two-way effect it creates a lot of depth in Pakistan fast bowling but Pakistan batting struggles against pace bowling when they tour abroad, so they're exposed under pressure to pace bowling so it's developing the batting in Pakistan.

And number three: the tournament short and sharp it's over and done within four weeks.

Disadvantages of PSL:

But what that does it create more doubleheaders and that makes all this viewership in those day games because people are at work they can't get to those particular games and the ER other disadvantage is that teams can't have the home ground advantage because the tournament so condensed they've got to play it in the capital city so a team like molten was only able to play three home games this year, So you can have the advantage of the home fortress.


Now when we go to the IPL: IPL has got a huge advantage over every other t20 tournament why because it got on the front foot from the very start when teaching when he came in and made a popular tournament its own and what it did it had big money brought him with team owners Alberta boy orbit spend big money on foreign players as well as local players so it attracted the international market and what that did it created pressure on cricket boards all around the world because they've seen their players get this big money from a particular tournament so what did it,

so they couldn't really keep up with some payments these players were going getting, so they had to create a window in their calendar to allow those international players to go and play in this particular tournament so well done to the IPL there for creating that pressure but also the IPL is always going to be marketable because India has 16 percent of the population of the world So there's a huge market there when you put it in that perspective.

Now when we go to the PSL

But Pakistan people PSL be proud of what you've achieved you've got a tournament that has had so many roadblocks you've had to try and attract the international players to come and play on your Shores you how to play this tournament the PSL in the UAE so that you could have foreign players coming

but gradually you open the doors to your country we allowed foreign players to come in for short sports short parts of the tournament to play on Pakistan soil and eventually we got the PSL on home soil for a whole tournament and the foreign players came and what does that do it puts pressure on cricket boards around the world to tour Pakistan now for an international series,

So it's done its job and the other thing is the PSL has got a huge opportunity here to make a huge profit with their product what they can do to make sure they get the better overseas players to make sure they have a window for that four-week tournament where the nation is like the West Indies England and Australia playing whiteboard tournaments against other nations,

And then you'll get more international players or high-quality international players into your PSL but mind you there was a lot of high-quality international players there this year well after going through all that PSL or IPL, hmm it’s even Stevens for me,

I love both tournaments they provide such great entertainment brilliant cricket all around now we've got the coronavirus out there I hope you're all staying safe but hopefully this for us, we get rid of it sooner than later because I am getting withdrawal symptoms of not having a live cricket on the TV,

So it's a great tournament the IPL we need it being played at some stage so hopefully, we can see it sooner than later on our big screens now if you like what I'm doing get on this a bit I'll give you a notification when the next article is coming out and by the way, there's some left arm a leg-spin that coaching coming your way on sports India info and that's going to help the right arm leg spinners out there as well and batsman you might learn how to play against the leg-spin what a great out of this if bamboozles all you batsmen out there it stays safe to enjoy.

Thank you

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