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India vs Australia 2020 updates

the border-gavaskar trophy for 2020 here it is the bad news for Indians Australia we've got the big three back Warner Smith and lavish Shane also they've got another opener in burnt so they've got a new look top four and it'looking a little stronger than what you had to face last time India are going to come into this series with relatively the same squad which shows confidence they're going to have pretty sure hereto which strengthens up their lineup now let's look at the positives for India going into this particular series firstly they're batting last time they came here they absolutely dominated the Australian bowling attack they also looked quite comfortable on the quickest bounces wicket in the world here in Perth, and they made five hundreds compared to the Australian batting lineup who made zilch the only issue that I have with Indian batting lineup is their openers are they going to go with Rohit Sharma and Agarwal RohitSharma or I'm pretty sure whoever they go with their opening batsman have to get for midable partnerships together and not expose that middle order another positive for India is their bowling lineup they out Shaun the Australian bowling attack last time they came to these shores now Boomer he's quick he swings the ball in the air with the new rock but when the ball is not doing anything he's got the tools to upset the Australian batsman he's got a quick bouncer he can bowl a boring line a length top of off but he can also execute a searing Yorker then you got chamois who really exposes the lower-order with that reverse swing Manish and Sharma with his tall bats I think these three particular bowlers can trouble the big three, but they have to keep their patience they can't afford to get frustrated, and they've got to a daptto the conditions quickly if you look at the last Test series here in Perth they should have won that Test match but it was the first session of the first day that cost them because they didn't a dapt the ball was swinging it was seaming and they bowled too short they can't afford to do that here otherwise the Australian bats more take them a part also Ashwin to spinner to stand up and deliver for all four test matches then we look at the venues India won't mind playing at the MCG or scg, but they have come out and said they want to take up the challenge of playing day/night cricket but also taking on the fortress of Brisbane

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Australia haven't lost yeah in Brisbane for 32 years and that's where the first Test match is going to be here India if they play their cards right they can get right on top of Australia if they win this Test match they can take this series out and a way to do that if the ball swinging the ball a little fall it if it's not Bowl those links where the Australian scan't drive on the up I'm not worried about the Indian batsmen there I think they can handle the pace of the Australians on that quicker wicket then they go to Adelaide it's a day-night Test match Australia have played six day night Test matches and one or six in year of only played one so advantage here to Australia but you need to win the day/night Test match if they back first they've got a bat through to the second session of the second day if they Bowl first they've got to make sure they have the Australians out by the end of the first evening but I think it's going to be a closed series I think it's going to be to war, and we're seeing the best two teams in the world play on Australian soil good luck to both teams.

#India_vs_Australia_2020_updates #sports_india_shopping #sports_india_info

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